We, Mariusz Piatek, are not held accountable for any damage, costs and losses resulting from using the products contained within this listing. To the maximum extent permittable by law, Mariusz Piatek excludes all liability to anyone from directly or indirectly using the products contained within this page and the information on it.
Do not share share your dermaroller with anyone else, do not use on animals or small children.
Do not use a roller length greater than 1.0mm on your face.
You are responsible for using your dermaroller responsibly and as the instructions recommend, we are not resposible for any adverse effects or damaging results from direct or indirect misuse of this product, nor do we guarantee results, though the vast majority of our customers report extremely positive results from using this product.
Do not use this product if any of the following apply to the area you will be treating: pustule acne lesions, sun burnt skin, active herpes outbreaks, open wounds, open cuts or any other inflammation and infection of the skin.
Do not use if you have a history of poor wound post recovery, bloody problems, collagen disease,if you are pregnant/lactating, have diabetes or prone to keloid scarring.
Due to the nature of how the product achieves results, aspirin, nurofen, bloody thinning drugs and vitamin e can excasserbate skin bruising and should be completely withdrawn in the two weeks leading upto treatment with the dermaroller.