Eviala Derma Roller is a magnificent skincare device. As the name suggests, it is a specialist roller which is used to roll different body parts. However, it is not a usual roller. This one contains 192 surgical microneedles made of very durable titanium steel which are to stimulate skin cells and make them multiply. The needles make microducts in the upper layer of the skin. Effects of creams and cosmetics are much more intense thanks to the microducts.

When brain gets a signal that small punctures were made on, for example, a post-surgical scar, it sends an impulse to growth factors which in result begin producing collagen and elastin. After a couple of days, our organism will multiply healthy, supple tissues which will fill out the scar and the skin will get smooth. Without additional stimulation our body initiates the wounds healing process only to an extent which is necessary to function efficiently. Whereas, the therapy with Derma Roller will provide cosmetic care.

Multiplying tissues gives birth to new elastic and collagen fiber tissues (so called neocollagenesis), what is more, additional capillary veins are formed which improve blood supply (so called neoangiogenesis). This kind of procedure is very often performed in beauty parlors and it is professionally called CIT – Collagen Induction Therapy.

What needles lengths are available in the Eviala Derma Roller?

Each patient can choose from the range of many available sizes of the microneedles depending on the ailment, that is: 0,25 mm; 0,35 mm; 0,5 mm; 0,75 mm; 1,0 mm; 1,5 mm; 2,0 mm; 2,5 mm; 3,0 mm. Very often, patients who start therapies choose two types of rollers – one roller with short needles for the face and the second roller for the rest of the body (at least 1.5 mm).

The following picture presents the Eviala Derma Roller.